Beer: The Other White Meat

its time for dodger baseball

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UFCW Sucks

All employees of Vons, Ralph’s and Albertsons have seen nothing but layoffs since WalMart and Costco have taken their share of the market. Yet the UFCW Union continues to try to pigeonhole the owners of the supermarket chains as greedy tyrants, hell bent on making the union rank and file a bunch of slaves working for peanuts with no benefits. If the idiots in the UFCW talk the forced-members into going out on strike, all it will do is destroy their jobs. Your union is once again selling you a bill of goods to justify its own existence. Plain and simply put, the UFCW (like all modern unions) is weak and no longer a factor in the real world of owner-labor relations. America now knows that unions only serve to cost the consumer more money out of their pockets and and cut take home pay for their newer tiered members. Times are tough. If a market chain opened up tomorrow where people had to go pick their own vegetable and cut their own meat to save a buck, they would. All while, UFCW will shortly force employees to strike and further cut pay all due to the 2 dollar-a-week increase on healthcare (which is normal in all business environments).

(5 Years sober of UFCW)

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i do believe they play this song in the elevator when you’re on your way to heaven

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the success of a commercial should be ranked on how many times you watch it before it gets old….apparently this one is ranked at infinite.